Drama of a Natural Hair Sister


For the natural hair sisters, you sisters are the only ones that understand this kind of obsession-the nicely softened-conditioned hair and the unkempt hair the morning after.

My hair begins to curl back tomorrow morning when I do my #washngo; so I thought, why not post a last flattened-hair look. This is the best I could do at this time of the night. Just a little…woo that looks like alooot of lipstick to give it a Girlie touch.

Screenshot_2015-10-23-09-56-07So next is my #washngo. The hair shrunk to half length and did not break meaning my hair elasticity is healthy. All I needed was;

  1. Shampoo; in my case, my scalp dries up so fast and causes scaling so I have an anti dandruff shampoo and this time its Pantene.
  2. Conditioner; this is my best friend. I will condition my hair almost every 2 days. I have a tee tree conditioner that de-tangles, moisturizes and softens my hair. I keep changing conditioners because I notice, the hair kinda gets fed up and stops reacting to one and the same conditioner after a while.
  3. Big tooth comb. This helps with de-tangling and hence my hair breakage is minimal.
  4. Sweet scented shower gels like vanilla, coconut and raspberry. I know yo’ probably wondering why the shower gel when am writing about a wash and go here.

So anyway, I shampooed my hair once and rinsed with luke-warm water, them added conditioner and let it rest in my hair for about 5mins then I combed out my curls as i rinsed out the conditioner. I then used an old tee-shirt, note, not a towel but an old tee-shirt to wrap my hair in a turban.

Still wondering about the shower gel huh?!!

I love to smell fresh and sweet, I mean which woman doesn’t, right. Only thing is I go an extra mile of collecting different scents and spending hours in the shower or bath…believe me, you do not want to go after I do.I use the shower gel to wash off any shampoo or conditioner that flowed down my body. This way instead of smelling like a salon, I will smell fresh and sweet plus…there’s something positive that sweet scents bring to a mood.

And taadaa!!!! my turban goes off after a little-almost no makeup and am dressed up…there…my wash&go hairstyle 🙂 ohh not this one down here but the pic in the center of the article.


And lastly here is my sun-dried-hair pic. mmmm! I think I do look pretty *giggles away

with ❤,


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