Women Fearfully and Wonderfully made

I came across a short video on the internet.


There are very few times in life when you watch something and think, “if i didn’t write and loose this script, then this person in this video just stole my mind”.
So here goes;-many times I have heard women respond to a compliment with “ohhh yo just flattering me”.
It is so disappointing especially when it is so clear she is so breathtakingly beautiful…so much there is no way she didn’t see that in her mirror.

What i think is this…

“f you say am beautiful and I go, “thanks, I know so too”, – with my head up high, a broad smile and all the confidence in that knowledge written all over my body please please please quit with the…”yo so full of yo’self”

Am not going to go “really”, “are you sure”, “yo’ just saying that”…when I know for a fact that “I AM BEAUTIFUL”

Little Girlie out there, take that crown without a muscle flinch when it’s handed to you.

Remember a woman that does not need validation from anyone else is the most feared.

You don’t have to dress or behave like his dream gal or like anyone else to be beautiful. You can stay beautiful in your own way…trust me…I know

Now go run the world

with ❤,


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