Taking the Ancient Persian

As I headed out of the shower, I caught those eyes of his shooting daggers at me again. I longed to see them glazed over with passion. With a little nerve twitch I reached for my scarf and pulled it loose placing it around my neck. His hand caressed my face and brushed aside my loose strands of hair. I turned my face into his arm and lifted my mouth to kiss his palm.
I looked up to his face and kissed his cheek, teased his ear lobe with my tongue and reached out as if to bite him with the tip of my teeth, I could feel his hot breath brush against my neck.

He pinned me to the wall, holding both my wrists in one of his hands above my head. With one quick jerk and my robe dropped to the floor. Another quick jerk my scarf slid down my breasts to the floor. I was pinned to the wall adorned by nothing.

His eyes roamed over my naked shivering body. My defiance was unable to overcome his power, damn my body and mind just wouldn’t team up. I felt the lioness in me come to wake.
I pushed him down to the bed. I wouldn’t let me not have a chance with him. I was his mistress today and he my master. I kissed his chest. I could hear his heartbeat disappear as I went down.

The scent of the heat between

his legs was maddening. With my right hand I explored his body, using my finger tips I caressed his nipples as I kissed his navel . I heard his soft mourn. He knew not to do much but just lie there like my king waiting to be serviced by his fave maiden, to fight me was useless. His body was no longer his ally. When I started touching his torso, it betrayed him and responded against his will as he felt a warmth spreading between his legs. He would beg me to take him in. I couldn’t wait to taste him, I wanted him all in. Then he felt me soft and warm. I teased him with the tip of my tongue and felt him quietly mourn with pleasure. I played with him, i took him in and out and my fingers run to squeeze his firm butt and boyyyyy does he have that firm butt.

I could feel him hard and firm in my mouth. I loved his juices, I loved being his dirty bitch, I wanted him to call me all sorts of nasty names he could. I was his whore, his mischievous school girl.

I felt him getting hotter and fuller. I wanted him to soil me and make me taste his seed but I wanted to feel that heat down deep inside of me. I wanted to feel his wrath, as his breaths got faster, I knew he was about to explode.

I let him out and in a panic I spread my legs, my knees on the side of his outer  thighs. I took him hard, hot, wet and full in my palm and slipped him into me.

My head fell back as I gasped for air, I felt my head spin, I was a rider, I enjoyed the ride, like a female worrier on noble steed I rode up and down like on rocky mountains.

He pulled up to me and dug his tongue deep into my mouth, I couldn’t breath, I didn’t want to breath. He was then sucking at my breast as his hand slid and squeezed my buttocks. I gasped for air as he bit down on my nipple causing my back to arch. holding me tight and firm to his chest, I felt his heart pound through mine. Rolling me over on to the edge of the bed. with his right hand he held himself and slipped back into me. He had prepared well for this. He placed his knees on the soft rug and lifted my ankles in his right  palm to his left neck and with his left hand his squeezed my melons between his fingers. I could feel they were lined with his palm  so as not to hurt me but only hold them in place. I tightly clamped my legs together, as he thumped against my buttocks.

My ankles ripped apart to round his neck as he held my mouth for me to let out just a squeal rather than a scream as his movements came down to a weakened rhythm, i could feel his burning seed shoot into me and he collapsed to my neck, wet from sweating, his heartbeat still pounding, this time faster and louder. With my legs collapsed apart, I felt a muscle shiver, I clung tighter around his waist, kissed his neck and whispered in his ears,…

…”You rock my world”

with ❤,


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