Black Coffee

Funny how we see someone or something many times and never think much and then one day they appear from nowhere, sometimes through a take out, order in or walk-in. And then you notice them. Nothing specific really but you have that chat with yourself;

“hey see that guy over there”‘

“which one”,

“that one”

“oh yeah, oh that guy, yeah, what about him”,

“I don’t know…he looks like…”

“looks like what?”,

“…like my next mistake”

ok I stole that last line from a Taylor swift song, not that it isn’t true *giggles…
Iam puuuretty sure, I am just can not the only person that looks at something or someone and thinks’
“uhhh boy, here comes my next mistake”

Silliness aside…I am a go getter which means; I go after what I want and ohhhhh I make sure I get it. By the time I go after something I want and don’t get it, I just never wanted it that bad…
Bottom line is; I have my limits. I don’t like a play-hard-to get. I will make it clear what I want and you knowing that, makes it easier for me to carry on with my quest or retreat the waves….all depends on how you respond to my confessions.

So anyway, let me tell you about my one time affair with black coffee.

It sprung up from a simple hello….mmmm!! still haven’t figured out what was so different from the other hellos, so anyway, it sprung up  to a back and forth chat, ended up in….well just ended up in …..oh well never mind.

Now… you know how I love coffee right??!!!
ok!! you dont know that so I will tell you.
I love coffee so much, that coffee knows this Bosslady digs me, so much if I were famous, the universe would know that fact about me. When I passed by the coffee shop this one time, I smelt the aroma, as if of Arabian coffee beans crushed to brew for a sultan. This one time all the coffee in the crushers and the steamers saw me pass by and were like;

“heyyyy we right here,

Black Coffee goes in Mufasa’s VO ‘ “you want me black and strong, no sugar”

Mocha sounding like Garfield, “nahhh pick me brown and sweet with a chocolate dribble”

And the barista goes, ” ma’am should I get you fluffy the milky latte?”

However for a change, I wanted black coffee but, I love me a good portion of sweetness. So black it was-with sugar.

When my coffee and I met, I knew this is what I wanted to start my day. We stared at each-other as if darkness and light had met for the first time. In my hands I held my black coffee, in his hands he held my morning and my day. We walked the streets, him whistling and I humming “its a brand new day”. So carefree we forgot there was anyone else in the world. When we sat in a room, we noticed no one, black coffee staring deep into my eyes and me molten to a smile across my my beaming face. It was like this was going to last forever.

The mug opened, black coffee steamed to my face, as I sipped he kissed my lips, caressed my tongue and flowed down my throat like melting butter. It was like a love affair not meant to last. We pleasured each other as though we knew we had just a moment, he feeling so wanted and I feeling so rejuvenated.  Indeed as the affair was not meant to last. Soon I could see the floor of the cup.

sighhhh, My black coffee was gone. Though we got both our desires fulfilled, we hated…ok wait, I will speak for myself here… I hated  that I had to go on to do other stuff and he, well he was gone, just gone. Just like that, he said he would let me have him again but nope, not a sip since.Anyway since not all things are meant to last, I accepted my empty coffee cup, held onto it for what seemed close to forever.  I went by my days thankful that at-least I had my black coffee, strong, sweet and rejuvenating.

The next time I pass by the coffee shop, one thing is for sure, in a country like mine, I doubt I will have a black coffee as good as the one I just had.
Maybe I will have better.
Maybe i will have worse.
Maybe I will just end my coffee addiction with that last cup.

with ❤,


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