What in a Guy….

Actually yesterday.
Was it yesterday?
Yeah I think yesterday….

Oh well, recently in a conversation, I was asked what I like in a guy.

When I say guy, am not meaning to say the Mr.Right kinda guy. I mean what makes you go Damn! about any guy that turned your head twice?
I have never really thought about it. I agree everyone does have something they like in a guy good or bad guy. That one thing that makes you think, “ok I get that he isn’t tall enough but….” or .”yeah I get he isn’t that …but he…”.

We together huh??!!

If I don’t tap someone and point out, I have been caught once or twice staring with a perverted smile; at a guys butt when he sways away but….nah don’t flinch this isn’t it and if it was, blogging about it would just kill the whole…you know…

So anyway, I realised I had no quick response. I then called up a gal friend.
Now I must point out that I have a few gal friends. I think am boring to have gal fiends. I don’t talk much or enough about fashion, boys, or hair extentions and I just don’t understand the whole ‘clique’ thingy.

I just have this one gal I call up when I have all the random questions in my head. When I thought about her, I realised this is the one gal that I don’t really roll with like bitches but it occurred to me that she knows all the junk in my trunk.

What we decided to do, was get the guys I have looked at more than once, whether I had a thing with them or not, just any guy that turned my head twice.
So we counted our fingers slow as we pointed out what I had liked about each, listed all that info down like we were on some big project and bingo, we got it. The one thing they all had in common that drew me to notice them twice.

I finally got to see what all this while has been attracting me to these guys…..:)

Ok bye….

with ❤,


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