Zeus got me a catch

About a couple of days ago, I decided to take a walk with my dog; Zeus.

Zeus is not yet a year old but on his 2 hind legs I can get all the wet kisses from him on my forehead.
And goshhhh, do I love kisses on my forehead 🙂 but and this is a big BUT;  wet, only from my Zeus.

We strolled together, alone – just the 2 of us, for a while, taking in the fresh breeze from the lakeside. The birds were singing, “me and ma doug, we roll like this…” and Zeus seemed to wiggle his tail – less butt as if he were feeling the beat.
Am not sure he respects me though.  He seems to think I am his play mate.

Not that am suprised.
I have always found it had to create fear or should I say respect, in the hearts of animals let alone man.
The other day I saw a fat mouse in the house ( this is usual where I live), hell l see worse – rats,  spiders, snakes….I live near the lake and nearer to a-ahhh-i could say swamp.
So this fat mouse, no lie here, this mouse did not even move a muscle when I stamped my feet on the floor in a desperate atempt to scare it off. Instead the little thing chased me. It ran after me and I just danced on my toes hoping I dont get in contact with it’s little being. It scared me off onto the kitchen counter and passed me by, through the smallest space underneath the door and out. Seèe,  animals do not fear me.

So back to my walk with Zeus.
As we matched tagging at eachother, the birds doing their talent show in the early morning, the road was free, no cars, no kids riding their bicycles, no driving students.
Just me and my big black scary Zeus.

After almost 30mins of walking quietly, not saying a word to eachother, Zeus let’s out a big bark. Gosh his bark was so loud I thought we were under attack by a park of stray dogs. I had not walked with my cane, I wasnt properply dressed for a run hell I can’t  even run.

About not being able to run;-There are somethings only a gal with huge melons would understand. I am a size 12 busty woman and ironically I have sporty shoulders. I just can not run. Period.

Looking at Zeus not settling, I notice his tail wouldnt stop wagging.
I look ahead and my goodness was this the  cutest brown bitch of a dog I ever seen!!! She had fur that would make a natural hair girl wanna go relaxed.

Huh!!! So that is the bitch making my Zeus go crazy. She walked so gracefully like she’d been to modelling school. I could tell she was feeling herself. She had attitude, attitude toward my Zeus. With my dog choker I tried telling Zeus that he needs to calm the bloody heck down, not embarass mama and give that bitch some attitude.

Bitches don’t want, well not all bitches. Bitches unlike I, do not want a guy that shows he’s really into you.
I like a guy that shows me and tells me what’s up, tells me what he feels not a guy that will treat me like he don’t care. If a guy showed me he didn’t care, that is when I begin to walk away. I just don’t think I enjoy that kinda game play.

But hypocritically, am here telling Zeus to hold it together. Maybe because I notice this bitch here is being a real bitch. In this case, Zeus needed to play the game like I wouldn’t.

Heeeellllloo!!!! There.
Look who’s walking that bitch.
What a tall handsome dude. Mama Mia, I think am in love.
Beads of sweat run down his side bun. His smile, ohhh Lawd have mercy on your-this poor child….yes me…help me.
His hands looked like he can build a machine from scrap. His shoulders, his….oh boy, his smile.

“He’s smiling at me. How long has he been smiling at me?”

“Look up Shen, look at his face, keep your eyes on his face. Don’t look down.
Noooooo don’t look down”

“I can’t help it, I looked down.”

“Ok now am looking at his face”,

His got this little mustache that grows down to create an ‘O’ round those sexy Lips. Mmmmm!!! What I would love for that moustache to do to me. And it looks a soft texture, close to my hair texture.

“Hey there”

“Ha ha aa Hi”,
did i just stammer? Yed I did. I swear I stammered

“That’s one big dog you got there”


He said big, am hearing my thoughts loud. Dude do you have any idea what you doing to me with that word “big” and the way you saying it?

Shen come on say something-

“Oh yeah, you’re handsome as hell as well”,  ooopppsie,

That’s so wrong
But Me being Me, am not taking back that compliment

All this while, Zeus and little miss Bitch are doing what dogs do when they’re getting to know eachother.

As for that handsome guy atleast I got his bitch ‘ name- She’s called Brownie 🙂
Am sure, we’ll meet again and the next time….
Let’s just say from that day onward am walking Zeus on the daily 😉 *wink *wink

with ❤,


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