What’s love if not….

I know a girl….

A little African girl.
She is beautiful.
Brought up in a loving home with a caring dad, a devoted beautiful mum, brothers that would do anything to protect her and a sister she does not see much but so in touch with. She has the most loyal gal friends by her side.
That kind of girl that brings out the ‘awwwww’ factor.

This is her story….

She fell in love with a good for nothing boy. To her,he was all she ever wanted. She gave him her body, soul, heart and spirit. She let him into her life, impregnanted her mind with his lies. Reached his hands through her rib cage and sqeezed the self love out of her. He broke her like he was on some sort of terror mission.
And still she kept runing back to him.
I once asked her what she sees in that good for nothing boy and she had no idea. It was as if there was this invisible magnet that pulled her toward him.
She tried to walk away, run when she could.
When she finally pulled away, she went from one boy to another and another and nothing worked. Eventually she got tainted, “slut”.

But how can you say she is a slut when she truely put her heart in all these relationships. Was she to blame for their failing. How about the ones that take her in, use her only to dump her?
Why is it so easy for human nature to scorn the victim instead.
All this and she still woke up on a Monday morning, combed her hair, put her make up and heels on and lived life to the fullest.

For a moment she has forgotten about the good for nothing guy. She thinks she has finally gotten back on track. Then the good for nothing boy calls, “just to check on you, see how you doing. We should meet up for drinks one of these days”, and back she falls again.
Love has gotten her so fooled she can no longer define the word.

There are things that happen to a person that makes them never the same again. There are things that happen to us that change us forever and for the worse. Make us bitter, spiteful, break our esteem. And without realising it, we loose our true beautiful selves in a maze and become a self destructive dagger.

When this happens to us, no one wants to try to understand why we are the way we are. We get scorned and used more because we are vulnerable.

This little gal has been spat on, judged, abused, mistreated and her self esteem so low she covers it up with partying, drinking and dropping in and out of shallow relationships which I prefer to call flings and short lived love affairs.
The things we do in attempts to convince the world we are just fine! We look for love in the wrong places, pretending to be the most loving of people. We care so much that the world sees us as happy. We go on shopping sprees, party, drink ourselves silly and say we are cool. But deep down we are dying.

It must really hurt to want to be loved by someone that does not care.

This is a story about a little African girl that went through something that changed her for good. She loved too much and love broke her
Would we care to know more about her and try to understand her.

I could be that gal, you could be that gal, someone’s daughter could be that gal, someone’s friend, that good for nothing boy’s sister.
Only love can save her, only self love.

with ❤,


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