Boldly take the First Step

Taking the first step is always so hard. Even the most disciplined people in nature will procrastinate the first step.

The first step to walk out of an abusive relationship, first step to start a business, first to go for that medical check up, first step to do something for you and you alone, first to quit a job that’s sucked life out of you….

It is so hard and yet when we finally do it, we wonder why we took that long to do. It is so easy after we have taken the first step and yet sadly many of us are stuck for years where we don’t want to be, crippled by fear and doubt and of what, nothing that can get any worse.

2018 is a new year, most resolutions are the same as the ones we made in 2017 and 2016 and the years before. So similar that its become “new year, new me, bullshit”.

Cheers to you taking control of your life

Maybe we shouldn’t  make new year resolutions, maybe we just have to get up and take the first step. Maybe we do not have to threaten abusive partners that we are leaving and just leave, maybe we don’t  have to have a discussion with the boss before we write the resignation letter, we just have to write the letter and leave it on the boss’ desk, don’t plan that trip and just get up and go even it its solo, better if solo, just start that business and risk it.

Just start, take that first step, crawl, hold onto a wall, drag yourself, whatever you do, take that first step and leave everything behind.

2018, its a new year, no resolutions, no plans, no opinion seeking just TAKE THE FIRST STEP its hardest till you actually take it.

with ❤,




So this is how it went down, this is how I look at it;

a660545959105b24befdeb9acf51a6c5.jpgI am in my world, chilling all by myself, I got my laptop, I play pretend till I actually become a blogger simply because I am an amateur writer. If I am not writing blogs I never get to post, I am scribbling notes and pretending to be a professional photographer or I am watching movies. I have all the potato and cassava crips my change can buy. I have my wine by my bedside if not coffee, mug after mug. This is an idea what my life on a loner is like. I daydream a lot. My inner child just won’t allow me to grow up.

My friends drop by all with all sorts of stories. The sad ones, the Continue reading “Shelled-In”

Finding Strength After all

“The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on.
It is never of any use to oneself”

Oscar Wilde
(1854-1900, Irish playwright, poet and writer)

You are not what happened to you in the past.  Continue reading “Finding Strength After all”

Let down by the “Church”?

Time to time I find myself emotionally deep into a disagreement with the very people who are my spiritual; brothers and sisters about how the church has let me down. It is so unfortunate that in my statement I keep saying the Church when in fact it was just one pastor or pastors wife or worship leader or preacher; just one individual. its sad not just because I allow one individual to represent an entire church but it is sad also because what one individual did was damaging enough for me to allow it to represent and entire church. I say ‘allow’ because I do know that regardless of the fact that I am a human being and it is hard to act less human or super human, I have power over what affects me and to what extent.

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What’s love if not….

I know a girl….

A little African girl.
She is beautiful.
Brought up in a loving home with a caring dad, a devoted beautiful mum, brothers that would do anything to protect her and a sister she does not see much but so in touch with. She has the most loyal gal friends by her side.
That kind of girl that brings out the ‘awwwww’ factor.

This is her story…. Continue reading “What’s love if not….”

Resetting Project ‘I’

It’s about 1:30am and I can’t seem to catch sleep despite having been up since 4am.
I am not worried at all that I can’t seem to sleep. This has happened to me before.

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