Was I right about Time?

For hours I sat out, staring at nothing. I thought about her, wondering where she is right now, wondering if she healed, if I was ever right about Time.

Many years back I recall, She woke up one morning, with a note in the pit of her stomach, her heart thumping so hard she could hear it. it raced so fast she thought she’s going to die. How she convinced herself she was still alive but part of her felt like she was dead. For a moment she understood when I once cried out that my heart bled.

That day, she got to office and  so much work had piled for her to look at. She had a meeting in a short hour and she didn’t know if she was ready for it. She went to the bathroom not able to hold back her tears. For a while she wanted to sink into the floor and let it all out but she thought of all that’s waiting for her, all that’s to be done, she thought about the many people that were going to walk in and out. She didn’t have the time nor the space to cry. Her job was at a risk. She pulled together and again managed to convince herself  this was just for a while then doubt creeps in…for how long was it going to last.

I personally didn’t have the right words to tell her. I could feel her pain. I understood exactly what she’s going through.

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Letter in a bottle

Dear Lord,

There are times when I feel I have nothing left to offer. How I, many times fail to recognize all you have ggiven me, I forget to thank-you.

I thank you now.

There must be something, a great sinner like I, can do for you. Some purpose I must have, a quality you have given me that you can use to offer others, but am not sure what it is. Help me see myself through your eyes, help me discover your plan for my life, and guide me to follow.

I do not want to ask more than I give.

with ❤,