So this is how it went down, this is how I look at it;

a660545959105b24befdeb9acf51a6c5.jpgI am in my world, chilling all by myself, I got my laptop, I play pretend till I actually become a blogger simply because I am an amateur writer. If I am not writing blogs I never get to post, I am scribbling notes and pretending to be a professional photographer or I am watching movies. I have all the potato and cassava crips my change can buy. I have my wine by my bedside if not coffee, mug after mug. This is an idea what my life on a loner is like. I daydream a lot. My inner child just won’t allow me to grow up.

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Taking the Ancient Persian

As I headed out of the shower, I caught those eyes of his shooting daggers at me again. I longed to see them glazed over with passion. With a little nerve twitch I reached for my scarf and pulled it loose placing it around my neck. His hand caressed my face and brushed aside my loose strands of hair. I turned my face into his arm and lifted my mouth to kiss his palm.
I looked up to his face and kissed his cheek, teased his ear lobe with my tongue and reached out as if to bite him with the tip of my teeth, I could feel his hot breath brush against my neck.

He pinned me to the wall, holding both my wrists in one of his hands above my head. With one quick jerk and my robe dropped to the floor. Another quick jerk my scarf slid down my breasts to the floor. I was pinned to the wall adorned by nothing.

His eyes roamed over my naked shivering body. My defiance was unable to overcome his power, damn my body and mind just wouldn’t team up. I felt the lioness in me come to wake.
I pushed him down to the bed. I wouldn’t let me not have a chance with him. I was his mistress today and he my master. I kissed his chest. I could hear his heartbeat disappear as I went down.

The scent of the heat between

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