Finding Strength After all

“The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on.
It is never of any use to oneself”

Oscar Wilde
(1854-1900, Irish playwright, poet and writer)

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Let down by the “Church”?

Time to time I find myself emotionally deep into a disagreement with the very people who are my spiritual; brothers and sisters about how the church has let me down. It is so unfortunate that in my statement I keep saying the Church when in fact it was just one pastor or pastors wife or worship leader or preacher; just one individual. its sad not just because I allow one individual to represent an entire church but it is sad also because what one individual did was damaging enough for me to allow it to represent and entire church. I say ‘allow’ because I do know that regardless of the fact that I am a human being and it is hard to act less human or super human, I have power over what affects me and to what extent.

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Hw’bout on a rainy cold day…

After weeks of typing and deleting whatever, It was either what I was blogging was too true to put out there or I was emotional… and we all know how wrong it is to do or say anything when emotionally unstable; or I just couldn’t write.

Then I thought, I didn’t have to be a really great writer like my friend Ivan who can look at a snail hanging on the edge of a dirty slimy wall and come up with something funny and so well put as though the snail was the savior of the world-a slimy history maker.

Still with all that conversation I kept having with myself about what to write and how and can and can not…I couldn’t come up with even half a page.

Then again speaking to myself, told me to just write and write and write notes, scribbles, pages, chapters…a book….I just had to write something that can be read and felt by someone out there.

I knew what I wanted to share with the world but I just didn’t understand how to make it interesting in writing so I ended up with these little scribbles and notes with inspirational messages that I believed someone out there may need at whatever point they were at in their life.

So one cold and rainy afternoon after doing some shopping for my Kitchen, with my musically really creative friend Levy, I dropped him off at his studio, promised I would drop off the items shopped at the kitchen and drive back and watch him and his talent do their thing (a promise I never kept)….

…seeing right now I am at my table at the kitchen try’na do-what for weeks I just ….

…here we go….

with ❤,