Let down by the “Church”?

Time to time I find myself emotionally deep into a disagreement with the very people who are my spiritual; brothers and sisters about how the church has let me down. It is so unfortunate that in my statement I keep saying the Church when in fact it was just one pastor or pastors wife or worship leader or preacher; just one individual. its sad not just because I allow one individual to represent an entire church but it is sad also because what one individual did was damaging enough for me to allow it to represent and entire church. I say ‘allow’ because I do know that regardless of the fact that I am a human being and it is hard to act less human or super human, I have power over what affects me and to what extent.

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Letter in a bottle

Dear Lord,

There are times when I feel I have nothing left to offer. How I, many times fail to recognize all you have ggiven me, I forget to thank-you.

I thank you now.

There must be something, a great sinner like I, can do for you. Some purpose I must have, a quality you have given me that you can use to offer others, but am not sure what it is. Help me see myself through your eyes, help me discover your plan for my life, and guide me to follow.

I do not want to ask more than I give.

with ❤,