Iam Aviela

Luckily for me,  I can be a sort of Jack_of_all_trades.image

When it comes to chasing the money,…Place me wherever and I will run it like I was born to do it. From an administrator to a teacher to a Robotics self taught trainer, a video producer, to client service, to business, and now a Brand representative in a stock market. I do anything awesomely like I studied for it. My mum always stressed that I can be whatever I wanted to be but I had to dig my heart and head in the game I play at that moment, no she actually said, if I listen to my elders’ wise words I could be anything great.

Personal adventures, trials and temptations…..From an early age I made sure to always walk on the sideways. Could it be something about me being the first on the birth order?
Not sure.
All I can say is I haven’t been there or seen all because fact is I am quite protective of my body, soul and spirit. Protective enough not to place myself out there in harms way to forge the greatest story to tell.

I have seen things that I can never unsee, I have heard words thrown at me that I would never wish for my greatest enemy to hear. I have been lovingly hugged and stabbed in the back. I have been rejected, betrayed, lied to, taken advantage of, inspired, saved, lifted up, motivated……and the greatest of all; I have loved and been loved truly and deeply.

Many have told me that when they first met and the after the got to know me, it was like discovering 2 different people. I have no idea what people think of me at first sight but I do know for sure-its hilarious to hear what they have to say when they get to know me.

So anyways here I am not even close to the best writer in the world, sharing stories about life the way I have seen it and what I have learned and sometimes I tell tales of others like I lived in myself.

When you read my blog, I ask, I beg in-fact I implore you, please do not get it mixed up. I am not the character of my posts. Do not judge me by my tales.

with ❤,


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